Introducing the 2011-2012 CIR leadership

Hillary Tompkins, MD CIR National President

As you begin seeing new faces in the hospital with the start of a new residency year, you are also going to see new leaders representing you in CIR.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and the CIR Executive Committee for 2011-2012. This is an impressive group of physician leaders who I am very proud to serve with. They represent a diverse range of specialties, backgrounds, and interests, both personal and professional.

CIR is the only national organization that is comprised of residents, governed by residents, and organized for the benefit of all residents.  Because of the frequency with which our members turn over, CIR’s constitution calls for the yearly election of officers to the Executive Committee — the steering committee which guides our organization throughout the year.

I’m pleased to introduce your 2011-2012 Executive Committee:

CIR Executive Board

CIR Executive Board 2011-2012

National Officers:

Dr. Hillary Tompkins, National President
Dr. John Ingle, Executive Vice President
Dr. Sepideh Sedgh, Secretary-Treasurer

Regional Vice Presidents:

Dr. Michael Core, Southern California
Dr. Flavio Casoy, Northern California
Dr. Edgardo Rivera Rivera, Florida
Dr. Jessica Eng, Massachusetts
Dr. Jennifer Platt, New Jersey/Washington DC
Dr. M. Shoaib Afridi, New Jersey/Washington DC
Dr. Alisha Parada, New Mexico
Dr. Rick Gustave, New York
Dr. Bola Pratt, New York
Dr. Sveltana Lozo, New York
Dr. Yusef Williams, New York
Dr. Katrina John, New York
Dr. Kamal Nagpal, New York

You can read candidate statements for each of us at

On that page you can also see photos of this year’s national convention, as well as videos and other materials. You won’t want to miss the footage of Dr. Carolyn Koffler, 98, who was honored for her pioneering efforts in 1936 to guarantee a paycheck for housestaff.

If you have ideas on how CIR can grow and become even stronger, or if you just want to share your thoughts, please reach out to your Regional Vice President, or send me an email directly at I hope to hear from you!

And if you are not already a fan of CIR on Facebook, please go to and “like” us, so that we can keep the conversation going when we’re not face to face.

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