Word from the Wards

Doctors at two CIR hospitals, New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, NY and the University of New Mexico, recently negotiated the right to use their educational funding to purchase iPads. We asked residents, “How are you using mobile technology in your day to day work?”

“Having a handheld device just makes accessing patients’ charts so much easier. Sometimes the hospital’s system goes down but with an iPad you have access and can still finish your work.”
-Calvin Spellmon, Pediatrics, UNM

“In the NICU, an iPad is more efficient than a cart. You can have quick access to references like Epocrates, Cerner, online textbooks. It makes a big difference.”Ashok Kottarathara, PGY 2, Pediatrics, New York Methodist Hospital
“I haven’t purchased an iPad yet but I plan to. I’m looking forward to downloading the mobile app for Powerchart so that I can view my patients charts when rounding and on the floors.”
Laura Waymire, Neurology, UNM

“I plan to buy an iPad for use when workrooms are crowded and no computers are available.”
Maria Hamilton, Pediatrics, UNM

“I want to use my iPad in call rooms with no computer access and at home for easy access to online journals.”
Elizabeth Greig, Family Medicine, UNM

“[Having access to the EHR] can definitely make everybody’s life easier —instead of asking patients all these questions again, you can move ahead… The most important thing is, the records have to be organized. The reason it’s not intuitive is because it’s not doctors who created it.
Erik Ilyayev, Internal Medicine, New York Methodist Hospital

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