CIR Physicians Rally for Paid Sick Days in NYC

Dr. L. Toni Lewis

Over 1.5 million workers in New York City do not get a single paid sick day to care for themselves or a sick child. Many workers are forced to go to work sick because they risk losing their jobs.

But momentum is growing on a bill to provide a means for workers in New York to earn paid sick days during the year to care for themselves, a sick child, or a parent.

On Wednesday, January 18, CIR physicians rallied along with other healthcare providers, labor unions, and advocates on the steps of City Hall in support of a bill that would require businesses to give their employees paid sick days off.

Check out CIR’s photo slideshow of the event!

You can also watch video coverage of the rally.

NYC Council Members need to hear from you! As a physician, you can vouch for the public health benefits of enabling workers to take time off when they or a family member are ill — and you can do so with authority from your own experiences in the hospitals and clinics of New York. As a physician, you can share your own frustrations at seeing your patients delay needed care because of concerns over cost. And as a physician, you can help tell the decision makers in the City Council that the public health concerns of this bill make it an open-and-shut case.

Please take two minutes to share the story of one of your patients using our online form.

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