CIR Haiti Watch: Day 4

A team of CIR physicians is volunteering in Haiti this week and CIR Communications Coordinator Erin Malone will be reporting back, sharing photos and reflections. Check here daily through August 24 for updates. Day 1  Day 2  Day 3  Day 4  Day 5 

After a full day of taking photographs, I head to the prosthesis lab to learn more about the work that happens there.  The prosthesis technician happily gives me a tour of the lab.  Amid plaster, metal and prosthetic limbs, she explains the whole process of how a patient is fitted and receives their new limb.

The lab is one of the many success stories in the hospital.  The lab is entirely Haitian-run (with some outside oversight and funding help.) And it’s the only service of its kind in the country.  The lab technician asks me if I’ve ever seen the film “A Dolphin’s Tale.” She explains that the film is about a dolphin that needs a prosthetic fin. Film producers scouted many labs but the one that finally worked was made right here in Haiti.

Later in the day, the volunteers that weren’t on duty take a much need break for a driving tour of the city. We see the general hospital and pass by the crumbling national palace.  We also see the some of the tent cities that still cover the capital.  Some 450,000 people are still living in tents after the earthquake.

We visit the UN again for the first time since the Saturday we arrived.  Volunteers have rousing discussion reflecting on their day to day work and healthcare system in the U.S. before heading back and calling it a day.

Erin Malone, CIR Communications Coordinator

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