Events Help Build a Resident Community Beyond CIR Membership

Maimonides Residents at NYC Salsa Nite

Frequently, residents approach CIR members wondering how they can join when there is no chapter at their hospital. In the past, there were few options but this summer CIR doctors organized several events to help build a resident community that reaches beyond the borders of our membership.

Gender and Sexuality in Medicine Roundtable in New York
On July 11, residents from across New York City joined together for a discussion of challenges for both LGBT patients and providers in health care. The roundtable quickly transformed into a brain storming session with ideas ranging from a grand rounds series to an LGBT health conference as well as networking events. Attendees decided to continue the conversation through a listserv and hold future events to continue planning.

Women in Medicine Dinners in California
On August 8, Los Angeles CIR members invited residents from surrounding residency programs to a dinner on the status of women in medicine. One focal point of the conversation was the treatment of women physicians by ancillary staff and the lack of respect shown to them when compared with their male colleagues. The group also discussed the challenge of family commitments and the dearth of women physicians in leadership roles. The group planned to meet again in October to continue the discussion of how CIR could play a role in improving the status of women in medicine by providing a supportive network and mentorship. This dinner followed an earlier event in San Francisco during which attendees also expressed a strong desire for mentorship.

Residents Connect at Salsa and Jazz Outings in New York
How to provide opportunities for residents to de-stress and tackle the common feelings of isolation and burnout? CIR residents in New York have established a physician community-building committee to host social events for residents citywide. On July 29, residents burned the floor at
an outdoor salsa concert, and on August 26 relaxed in Tompkins Square Park at the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival.

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