Word from the Wards

What’s your top concern heading into November’s election?

“…heath care. If the Democrats lose the election, there might not be an Affordable Care Act. We’ve seen a huge improvement in the economy lately. That’s why I’ll be at the polls in November.”
Dr. Jose Sosa, Internal Medicine, Harlem Hospital

“It depends on who wins the election. It’s going to have a huge impact on what kind of people are going to get what kind of care. Are they going to get the insurance they need and the care they require?”
Dr. Melody Ko, Internal Medicine, Lincoln Hospital
“…healthcare funding. There is help for the poor, and the wealthy can pay. The middle class needs more support, particularly for mental health care.”
Dr. Jennyfer Peralta, Psychiatry, Metropolitan Hospital

“…how the Affordable Care Act might change how different specialties practice.”
Dr. Samrina Kahlon, Emergency Medicine, Metropolitan Hospital

“…re-electing Barack Obama. This is our best way to get our economy back on track and to finally conclude our wars abroad.”
Dr. David Eshak, Internal Medicine, Jacobi Hospital

“…providing quality care for my patients if Romney is elected. I think he will repeal the ACA and gut the safety net to provide tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and Wall Street.”
Dr. Dennis Hsieh, Emergency Medicine, Alameda County Medical Center

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