Word from the Wards: Residents discuss their financial worries

“Residents are expected to work hard and not seem concerned with finances with the assumption that when you graduate you’ll be financially stable. As a result, there is no effort to educate residents about even basic financial concepts—the only place I’ve gotten that kind of information is CIR.”  Phillip Murray, PGY 3 Psychiatry, Cambridge Hospital

“It’s really hard to balance loans—we have a lot of debt. The constraints with time and money are really different for residents; when it comes to buying a home, mortgages, paying into equity early is important. As residents we’re taking a different course and that’s a concession we make.” Kurtis Kaminishi, PGY 3 Psychiatry, LAC+USC

“One of my greatest concerns is obtaining financial security without compromising my career and life goals.”
Charmi Shah, PGY 1, Family Medicine VCME, Modesto, CA


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