Jackson residents roll out groundbreaking QI projects

The CIR Jackson Housestaff Involvement Fund came into existence as part of the new contract negotiated by CIR leaders in 2013. The Fund incorporates the previous $25,000 Patient Care Fund into a much larger $125,000 annual fund for Jackson housestaff who want to make a difference – for their patients, the Miami community and resident education.

Jackson housestaff leaders have identified three uses for the Fund. Residents can apply for funding to attend patient safety and QI conferences – and bring what they learn back to their colleagues. They can apply for funding to bring safety and QI speakers to their departments for grand rounds presentations. And Jackson residents can apply for funding to do their own QI projects. The first round of projects was approved by CIR leaders in the fall of
2013 and a second round of applicants is underway now. Some of the projects approved so far include:

Diabetic Retinopathy Pipeline: Residents have found it difficult to get patients with advanced diabetic retinopathy primary care appointments. This project will establish a pipeline to identify high-risk patients for expedited clinic appointments with a primary care provider.

Let’s Talk—An nou parler—Hablamos: There is only one part-time Creole interpreter on the Pediatric Mobile Clinic and residents have recognized how language access impacts care. This project allows access to free interpretation software. Using iPads, the program will help doctors get a medical history of their patients when language is a barrier.

Post-Discharge Courtesy Calls: This project provides courtesy calls to patients two weeks after discharge to help lower readmissions. Residents believe it will help patient satisfaction scores and a trial will begin with the rehab floors.

Tele-Stroke Project: This project addresses a problem that arises at night when no stroke fellows or attendings are present at the hospital and a stroke alert goes off. Residents want access to software that connects the housestaff on-call at night with the stroke fellow or attending via a secure chat room with a camera; this way specialists can give immediate advice without having to wait a critical 30-45 minutes for stroke specialists before arriving to start the procedure.

For a complete list of funded projects, visit www.cirseiu.org/JacksonHousestaffFund.

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