New Contracts Deliver Better Wages, Empower Residents to Improve Care

Bergen Regional Medical Center
In New Jersey, Bergen Regional housestaff negotiated and won 2 percent increases each year for the next four years (2014-2017). Chief residents gained an increase in their educational allowance and an increase in the conference reimbursement to $950.

Boston Medical Center
BMC’s strong, engaged and representative committee showed in the turnout at their final negotiating session, with 15 departments represented. Boston residents negotiated for the hospital to cover licensing fees and provide support in the event of a program closure. The contract provides increases in salary, meal benefits and their professional education allowance.

Brooklyn Hospital
Brooklyn residents negotiated for salary increases each year and maintained their coverage by the CIR benefits plan. In addition the committee negotiated a new medical education benefit: a $200 per year reimbursement covering books, board exams, medical licensure fees, dues to medical societies, subscriptions or journal
fees and/or electronic medical devices.

Brookdale University Hospital
On December 16, 2013, the CIR bargaining committee and Brookdale reached an agreement on a groundbreaking new contract. Leaders prioritized quality improvement as a way to collaborate with administration and improve the lives of patients in the community. “CIR approached Brookdale to propose a patient safety curriculum and adverse event reporting project,” explained Dr. Hemant Sindhu, CIR Regional Vice President and a Hematology-Oncology fellow. “This initiative will engage residents and fellows in working to improve patient care while also enhancing the quality of education at the hospital.”

Institute for Family Health
This winter, CIR welcomed 24 new members from The Institute for Family Health’s Harlem residency program.
After organizing the housestaff in IFH’s inaugural class of residents beginning in the winter of 2012, residents successfully bargained their first contract. “Being a member of the CIR bargaining committee has granted me a vantage point into the realm of union negotiations that could have been easily overlooked simply due to the vigorous responsibilities of residency. With a new contract, I look forward to establishing a rapport among
CIR, the Institute of Family Health and of course the residents,” said Dr. Krishna Baumet, PGY 2, Family Medicine.
Jersey City Medical Center At Jersey City Medical Center, CIR members led an active negotiation to secure a new contract with major improvements. Residents won salary increases of 3 percent for interns as well as increases
in the Chief Resident allowance, which went up from $2,350 to $8,000, along with bonuses for all other housestaff. The CIR bargaining team also won an increase in meal money and in the Education, Equipment and Travel allowance to $1,500, which was expanded to include medical equipment. In addition to these major economic gains, the administration agreed to additional protected educational time and improvements in call rooms.

Jamaica & Flushing Hospital
Quality improvement was a priority at Jamaica and Flushing Hospitals as leaders won $55,000 for the continuation of the physician-patient communication project called the i-Listen initiative, where at least one faculty champion and one resident champion from each department will come together to create a series of didactics focusing on effective physician-patient communication through skills such as active listening, empathy and mindfulness.

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center
The new agreement at Kingsbrook includes salary increases each year and calls for the formation of a Resident
Quality Council to organize Quality Improvement projects with the opportunity for incentive bonuses (up to 1
percent bonus per year) upon completion of successful projects.

LAC+USC and Harbor-UCLA
Covering over a thousand residents, LAC+USC and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center residents’ most recent contract will make an a huge impact in their day-today work. Not only did residents win 2 percent wage increases for the next three years, they also negotiated orientation pay for incoming interns, and they increased the Harbor-UCLA patient care fund to $990,000.

NY Methodist Hospital
Residents at Methodist add to the list of wins this year with a contract that promises wage increases, $50,000 per year to support the development of a house staff safety continued on next page CIR Vitals 5 council, and $75,000 per year into the Patient Care Fund. The new contract also continues the QI/IT fellowship established in the CIR contract three years ago.

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