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CIR Features

The Healthy Bronx Initiative: Taking the Work Beyond the Hospital

A 2011 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention paints a stark picture of health disparities and income levels in the United States. People with low incomes have five to 11 times fewer healthy days per month than …

The Bumpy Road To EHR Implementation CIR Residents Assess Their Hospitals

It’s the new American Dream. A Georgia native, hiking in Utah, suffers a fall and is transported unconscious to the region’s community hospital, where the physician on call carefully reviews the patient’s allergies and medications in the center’s database and …

Words of Wisdom from a Patient Safety Leader: Dr. Richard Shannon

“The only number that matters regarding hospital-acquired infections is ZERO.” CIR and the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation co-hosted a one-day conference last October on reducing hospital-acquired infections. As chair of the Department of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Health System, keynote speaker Dr. Richard Shannon championed a team-based approach to standardize care and eliminate medical errors. Here are some highlights of Dr. Shannon’s talk.

When Residents Are Sued: One physician tells her story

The story below was taken from an interview with a former Massachusetts CIR member who agreed to share her experience as a defendant in a malpractice suit that started in 1999 and continued through 2009.

Dr. J was a second-year internal medicine resident doing an ER rotation. She saw a middle-aged man who was very ill and had abdominal pain. Over the course of a few hours, she wrote the initial H&P, ordered some tests, and recorded the initial results. That was the extent of her interaction with the patient before another resident and the attending took over.