Video: Women physicians address inequalities in medicine

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Video: Advocacy for Ourselves & Our Patients

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CIR Members Join Campaign for Equal Access to Transgender Healthcare

maddieMarch 2013 marked the launch of the first-ever National Month of Action for Transgender Healthcare—a campaign to make transgender-inclusive healthcare more common, accessible and affordable. The national effort was organized by a number of labor and community organizations, including CIR’s national affiliate, Service Employees International Union.

CIR joined in the conversation with Dr. Madeline (“Maddie”) Deutsch, a former CIR delegate and founder of the Transgender Health Program at Alameda County Medical Center (ACMC).

After attending the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association conference in San Francisco in the fall of 2012, CIR members from ACMC became interested in finding ways to work more closely with the LGBT population. Dr. Deutsch presented “Transgender Patients & Health Care Providers: How to Become a Better Provider to Your Patients.” It was a discussion that provided strategies for care and data on the economic, social and political realities for the diverse transgender communities throughout the U.S.

According to recent research, about 1 in 200 to 1 in 300 people fall on the transgender spectrum. According to a study by the Transgender Law Center transgender people are twice as likely to be unemployed compared to the general population, and transgender women are 34 times more likely than the general population to contract HIV. While the overwhelming majority of transgender people lack health coverage, it is estimated that 76 percent gain access to hormone therapy either via a medical professional or on the black market. Dr. Deutsch’s talk also provided important tips on how physicians can create a more trans-friendly atmosphere in their practice.

What you need to know about treating transgender patients

The National Transgender Discrimination Survey reported that 50 percent of transgender patients reported having to teach their providers about transgender health. The study also showed that transgender people of color have an unemployment rate of up to four times the general population.
Here are some key terms and concepts to help you better treat your transgender patients:

  • Transgender is an umbrella term for people that have some type of gender presentation or gender identity that’s different from what you would expect from someone born in that body.
  • If a person is born female and presents as male then they are a transgender man.
  • If a person is born male and presents as female they are a transgender woman.
  • Some people may or may not have a gender presentation that is discernible.
  • People whose sex match their gender presentation are cisgender.

Best Practices for Physicians

  • Identify people by their gender presentation.
  • Remember that if the person has an organ, it must be screened.

View the Dr. Maddie’s video presentation


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Video: Basic Elements of a Physician Employment Contract

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Video: Negotiating Your First Post-Residency Contract

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Patient-Centered Interviewing Techniques

Drs. Auguste Fortin, Associate Professor of Medicine at the Yale University School of Medicine and Sheira Schlair, Internal Medicine Associate Program Director at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, taught nearly 150 residents, medical students and faculty how to build efficiency and effectiveness through integrated patient- and doctor-centered interviewing. In just ten minutes, a physician can elicit the patient’s entire biopsychosocial story behind the visit, arrive at the diagnosis, and impress upon patients her care and compassion.

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The Art of Motivational Interviewing

Dr. Jonathan Fader from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine presented “Motivational Interviewing” at The Art of Medicine: A Physician-Patient Communication Conference on Nov 19th, 2011.

Effective patient-physician communication is associated with safer patient care, higher patient satisfaction and adherence to treatment, lower malpractice rates, and higher physician satisfaction. Yet physicians have historically received little training in evidence-based methods of communication. (The Art of Medicine: A Physician-Patient Communication Conference.)

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Slideshow from the 2012 Convention

Thanks to all who participated in CIR’s convention! This year’s theme, “Residency, Culture and Community,” explored residents’ power to create and change culture, and to advocate for their communities. Visit CIR’s Annual Convention page for more information.

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CIR Physicians Weigh in on the Affordable Care Act

On Monday, March 26, CIR members joined a coalition of healthcare providers across the country celebrating the second anniversary of the signing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. As the Supreme Court began to hear three days of oral arguments challenging the constitutionality of the legislation, CIR physicians rallied outside of the court in support of making healthcare coverage more secure for working families.

To learn more, visit the CIR/SEIU Healthcare website. For information on the Affordable Care Act, click here.

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Video: Resident Research Day at Metropolitan Hospital Center

This February, residents at Metropolitan Hospital Center in New York City participated in the hospital’s first Resident Research Day. The day was made possible by CIR’s Patient Care Trust Fund and co-sponsored by New York Medical College and Metropolitan Hospital Medical Board. Research projects were presented in the form of forty-five abstracts, twenty-five posters presentations, and three oral presentations. “I think everybody’s been really impressed with the quality of research,” says Dr. Roger Chirurgi, Program Director of the Department of Internal Medicine. “From the residents’ point of view, it’s a sense of commitment from the department, commitment from the hospital in their education.” Watch the video above for more!

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CIR Physicians Lobby Florida State Legislature

Florida State Legislature lobbying
Last week, as state budget cuts loomed, CIR physicians from Jackson Memorial Hospital lobbied at the Capitol in Tallahassee. Our members met with seventeen legislators to share stories and advocate for preserving funding at their hospital. While original Senate budget proposals had included drastic cuts to funding for hospitals like Jackson Memorial, the House recently finalized their own proposal—one with less than half the cuts forecast by the Senate. Thanks to our fantastic lobbying team who made a difference!

Check out the slideshow of their trip:

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CIR Physicians Rally for Paid Sick Days in NYC

Dr. L. Toni Lewis

Over 1.5 million workers in New York City do not get a single paid sick day to care for themselves or a sick child. Many workers are forced to go to work sick because they risk losing their jobs.

But momentum is growing on a bill to provide a means for workers in New York to earn paid sick days during the year to care for themselves, a sick child, or a parent.

On Wednesday, January 18, CIR physicians rallied along with other healthcare providers, labor unions, and advocates on the steps of City Hall in support of a bill that would require businesses to give their employees paid sick days off.

Check out CIR’s photo slideshow of the event!

You can also watch video coverage of the rally.

NYC Council Members need to hear from you! As a physician, you can vouch for the public health benefits of enabling workers to take time off when they or a family member are ill — and you can do so with authority from your own experiences in the hospitals and clinics of New York. As a physician, you can share your own frustrations at seeing your patients delay needed care because of concerns over cost. And as a physician, you can help tell the decision makers in the City Council that the public health concerns of this bill make it an open-and-shut case.

Please take two minutes to share the story of one of your patients using our online form.

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CIR members in the Bronx Work with Elected Officials to Combat Obesity

On Monday, Oct 21, CIR Members, Bronx State Senator Gustavo Rivera and Borough President Ruben Diaz continued their efforts to combat obesity and diabetes in the Bronx through the Family Healthy Challenge.

The challenge, already in place in several Bronx schools, features weekly behavioral and dietary challenges to promote a healthier life style for children and their families. The event is part of the larger Bronx C.A.N. (Change Attitudes Now) Initiative in which the State Sentator and Borough President weigh-in regularly as a symbols of their commitment to living a healthier lifestyle. Monday’s event featured an educational presentation and weigh-in at Mount Saint Ursula Academy.

Check out news coverage of the event on the Healthy Bronx website by clicking the photo below.

Derek Ailes, A CIR member and Emergency Medicine resident at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, weighs Senator Rivera.

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Photos from the UNM Housestaff Appreciation Day

Checkout photos from the UNM Housestaff Appreciation Day on Facebook, and be sure to like their page while you’re there!

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Bronx Politicians Come Out for St. Barnabas Residents

SBH Press Conference

On March 25, Bronx elected officials joined CIR in a press conference to demand a fair first contract for housestaff at St. Barnabas Hospital.

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